Discussion Board Questions

Week 6

Tomlinson: The Core Curriculum Parallel pp 75-114   

One of your products for this course is the development of a PCM Unit that includes all of the components described in Figure 4.2 and 4.3 in this chapter. It would be wise to start thinking about your unit now including the topic, facts, concepts, principles, and skills that will be addressed. This can be a unit you have already developed and will modify to include all of the components asked for in the assignment. The unit should include approximately 2 weeks of lessons. You won’t be creating two weeks of lessons but the overall unit time frame should be about that long.  Do you have any ideas or topics for this unit ? What grade level? Just trying to get you thinking.

Robbins and Alvy: Understanding, Planning and Implementing Change pp 60-69 (3rd ed. Not sure about 4th ed.)

Think about a change effort that you are anticipating or in which you are currently involved. Which of the concepts presented in this chapter will be most relevant? Why?